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Unity Network Review 2020: The Ultimate Truth Exposed

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Is Unity Network legit or scam? Find out in this updated review.

You may have seen it from your friend’s Facebook posts. Or you may have read it in blogs.

Their advertisements about the Ascending Profit System (APS) or Average to Millionaire System (ATM) are all over social media. I am sure all of them will tell you to buy it.

What is Unity Network? What are their products? How much do their products cost? Is APS worth the money?

In this article, you will know the answers to these questions. Overall, you will know why I will never recommend the Ascending Profit System and other Unity Network’s products.

I am currently under the Basic Plan worth Php2,990.00. Thus, I believe I can provide you with an honest and unbiased review of this product.

The money I paid for a basic membership is the amount I am willing to lose while providing you with an unbias review. I will never earn a commission because I will not recommend it.

Had I upgraded to a Gold, Titanium, or Platinum membership, my review would have been different because the membership fee is unreasonably high.

Company Background

Unity Network is an SEC Registered Philippine Company. But be careful. Just because a Corporation is SEC-registered does not necessarily mean it is authorized to sell everything to the public.

Moreover, your payment will not be recognized with an official receipt.

Unity Network does not have a refund policy. So the best way to pay them is via Paypal.

In Paypal, you can file a dispute. So, there is a chance you can still have your money back.

The company has an implementation guarantee. They will pay you Php5,000.00 if after 45 days you have not recruited anyone.

It is not bad if you paid Php12,990, Php25,990, and 45,990 for higher membership plans, is it?


Eduard Reformina is the founder of the Unity Network. He is the same person who founded Ignition Marketing.

Ignition Marketing is gone. If you want to know about Ignition Marketing, you can check it at Ignition Marketing or read Archipelagofiles review.

Reformina launched Average to Millionaire System (ATM) sometime in February 2018. Their content is essentially the same.


Unity Network sells various online courses, live seminars events including mastermind retreats.

According to their official website, their training courses will teach you the foundation of building a successful business online.

Their live seminar events cover topics about sales, marketing, and promotion. Mastermind retreats cover areas ranging from business growth, scaling, investing, and more. 

These products are packaged in different membership packages.

Price of Memberships

Unity Network’s membership packages are not sold separately. You must start at the basic level and upgrade your membership later on.

Unity Network Products

Basic Level at Php2,990

The basic level includes the 10-Training Program, 30-Day Traffic Implementation, and Ascending Profit System. Also, it entitles you to 1 on 1 coaching.

Additionally, there is a weekly live online group coaching. More importantly, you will have the basic resell rights to earn Php1,000 for every referral.

Gold Level at Php22,890

The features include those in the basic package plus a breakthrough vault and impact instrument. RocketPages is part of the package. This level entitles you to earn Php3,000 for each recruit.

Breakthrough vault is a library of weekly online coaching.

Titanium Level at Php48,880

This membership plan includes those in the gold package. In addition, you will have 1 ticket to attend Titanium Inner Circle Seminar Live.

You will have lifetime access to recordings of titanium inner circle seminars (Titanium Vault) and Freedom Formula Course. You can earn a Php7,000 commission per invite.

Platinum Level at Php87,960

In addition to the benefits enumerated in the Titanium level, a platinum member can attend to the three days two nights Platinum Mastermind every year.

Also, you will have to access the platinum vault, a record of highlights of the platinum mastermind. Finally, you will the right to earn Php11,000.00 commissions for each referral.

Scam Alert: AIM Global

What is the Ascending Profit System?

According to their website “Ascending Profit System is a step-by-step coaching program and passive income system for Filipinos who want to start and grow a profitable online business, be their boss and live the life they want.” 

The definition is tempting. Who would not want a profitable online business, no boss, and live the life they want while earning passive income.

However, the truth is, you will learn how to promote Unity Network products as an affiliate marketer.

Ascending profit system is a marketing strategy whereby a member needs to upgrade at higher plans. To get commissions at the top-tier package, you must upgrade to expensive packages.

Scam Alert: Paysbook Login Rewards and Social Media Scam

Features of Ascending Profit System?

They will provide you with a 10-Step Training Program. Is it a training program? Let’s see.

The 10-Step Training Program

Step 1- Secrets of the Internet Marketing Millionaires

According to this step, the five critical elements of successful internet business are traffic; sales funnel, sales presentation, follow up, and products.

I believe Google can provide more than this and it is entirely free.

Step 2- How to Shortcut Your Success by Leveraging a Proven Systems

Business owners own a system that generates income for them. If you want complete freedom, you need to have a system for your business.

I do not think you have to pay for this. Anyone whose interest is in business knows the importance of systems.

Step 3- What to Sell to Have a Profitable Business Online

It says that the three most profitable evergreen markets online are health, relationship, and money. Moreover, you can immediately start making money using affiliate marketing.

You can find more than this on the internet. Some authority sites have extensive market research on specific niches, and they are free.

Step 4- What is the Most Important Income for Your Business

In this level, you will learn affiliate marketing including advantages and disadvantages. Also, you will know the Unity Network affiliate program. See the screenshot below. You will understand that backend income is significant in business.

Ascending Profit System by Unity Network Review Step 4 of 10-Step Training Program
Step 4 10-Step Training Program

Again, with just one click in a google search, you can find free resources. You do not need to pay.

Step 5 How to Earn Your First Million Much Faster

They will introduce the ascension business model and the ascending profit system as the fastest way to earn your first million. They will also discuss Unity Network’s products plus their corresponding commissions.

It sounds like a guarantee of quick money. It says that other firms are also using the system you are about to learn.

I do not know how did they come up with this idea. Their primary focus is the amount of commission you will earn in each level of membership. Features are just secondary.

Step 6 How to Properly Position Your Business for Future and Long-Term Success

They are now trying to tell you to buy their expensive membership plans because you will get high commissions from them.

Ascending Profit System by Unity Network Review. Step 6 of 10-Step Training Program
Step 6 10-Step Training Program

They call it early positioning. They recommend that you upgrade to top plans so that you will not miss the opportunity.

If someone buys from your affiliate link and upgrade to a higher plan, your commission is based on your plan at the time of purchase.

Step 7 How to Think Like a Millionaire Business Owners

You need to be clear-cut with your goals. It talks about the income you want to achieve on a timeline.

There is nothing special about this step. You can read it in some best-selling books. Also, a quick search on Google can give you more than what is revealed in this step.

Step 7 emphasizes how you can achieve the income you want using their products. That is an excellent way to tell the new members that they must upgrade.

Ascending Profit System by Unity Network Review. Step 7 of 10-Step Training Program
Step 7 10-Step Training Program

After this step, you need to book a session with your coach.

Step 8 How to Level Up your Business to Double or Triple Your Income Without Doing Any Additional Effort

There is nothing new at this stage. It is just a showcase of their product highlighting the number of commissions you can earn at various levels.

Ascending Profit System by Unity Network Review. Step 8 of 10-Step Training Program
Step 8 10-Step Training Program
Step 9 How to Earn Php200,000.00- Php2,000,000.00 in 1 Year or Less With Ascending Profit System (APS) & Unity Network

Again, it sounds like a guarantee that everyone will earn a certain amount. The title alone is an enticing way to lure the members to buy gold, titanium or platinum membership.

Ascending Profit System by Unity Network Review. Step 9 of 10-Step Training Program
Step 9 10-Step Training Program

Also, they have their matching bonus which allows you to get an additional Php100,000 or 1,000,000.00 and a silver ring. It happens only when a member earns 100,000 or 1,000,000 respectively.

It is another marketing tactic to persuade the members to raise their memberships.

Step 10 How to Start Using Your Ascending Profit System (APS) Money Making Machine to Start Earning Big Upfront, Residual & Backend Commissions

It is another step to promote its products and high commission affiliate program.

See what you will learn:

Ascending Profit System by Unity Network Review. Step 10 of 10-Step Training Program
Step 10 10-Step Training Program

After finishing Step 10, you can now schedule your one on one coaching with your coach. My experience with the coach is ridiculous.

The person did nothing but convince me to upgrade my membership. She is a sales agent and not a coach.

This 10 Step is not a training program. In fact, you can find some of these ideas on the internet at no cost.

Scam Alert: AIM Global

Steps 7-10 are marketing schemes to attract the members to upgrade their membership plans. Higher Ascending Profit System (APS) membership means higher affiliate commission.

Is Unity Network selling a training program or a recruitment scheme? Let’s find out.

30 Day Traffic Implementation Program (30 TIP)

The 30-Day TIP of the Ascending Profit System will teach you how to drive traffic to your affiliate link with the goal of quick earnings. You will use Facebook to post your affiliate link.

Day 1 to 2: Drive Traffic Using Inspire TV

What to do? Watch a video you love to share on Facebook in Copy the link to the video and insert your unique affiliate at the end of the URL address. Share it on Facebook.

Day 3 to 4: Driving Traffic Using Free Facebook Strategy

You share videos with affiliate links using your FB account. Some of the videos contain a promise that you will make money using their system.

Day 5 to 6: Driving Traffic Using Events

You create an event and invite people to join webinars at scheduled days and time. There are unique links to promote these webinars with your affiliate code at the end of the URL.

Day 7 to 9: Driving Traffic by Giving Away Free Gifts

You will endorse the free eBook affiliate link.

Ascending Profit System by Unity Network Review. Free Ebook
Ebook to promote
Day 10 to 12: Drive Traffic by Leveraging Other People Results

They will tell you to share the stories or video testimonials of members who have earned hundreds of thousands or millions through their affiliate program. There is an affiliate code in every video you share.

Ascending Profit System by Unity Network Review using others results as testimonials

They do this to let the prospects know that some are making money from the affiliate program.

Day 13 to 20: Driving Traffic Using Facebook Ads

You will be spending on FB ads. A video will be shown to you discussing fundamental FB advertising. Unfortunately, you will not learn Facebook Pixel on the 30-Day TIP.

A good social marketer knows that FB Pixel is a powerful tool in the promotion. Without this, new members will lose more money.

Assuming you have 10,000 clicks in your ad, yet no one buys from your link. If you have FB Pixel, you can get back to that audience through retargeting.

Do not start FB advertising when the pixel is not active. That is the advice an experienced marketer should tell you.

Day 21 to 25: Escalation Method

The escalation method refers to the public display of commissions with an added storyline to lure prospects to click on the affiliate link. See sample screenshots below.

Ascending Profit System Quick Money
 Day 26 to 30: Shooting Facebook Live

They will tell you to create Facebook live videos with an emphasis on Lifestyle Marketing. When you look at some of the members’ Facebook profiles, you will see that their live videos are shown with luxury cars in the background.

Sometimes it is taken in luxury hotels, beach resorts, or during an expensive foreign trip. Since most people want a good lifestyle, financial abundance, and time freedom, your live videos must portray this message.

They call it Lifestyle Marketing. It is a teaser of what lies ahead when you join the Unity Network affiliate program and promote their Ascending Profit System.  It is an excellent way to entice people to join the network.

The 30-Day TIP focuses on driving traffic to your affiliate link using your Facebook account. I am not a fan of this type of marketing.

Using your profile to promote your affiliate business is annoying. You will inevitably end up on your friend’s unfollowed list.

The suggested FB advertising will incur so much cost if you start without pixel. Unfortunately, you will not learn this useful tool in the 30-Day TIP.

Some of the strategies may not be appropriate for social media (Lifestyle Marketing and Escalation Method). We cannot blame them for doing so since it is one of the most effective ways of attracting online prospects.

Marketing Strategy

Many of Unity Network members believe it is not a quick-rich scheme. However, their marketing materials and training programs say otherwise.

Their main approach is to show their earnings on social media to convince their prospects.

Their disclaimers read as “The results and income examples are shown on this website are extraordinary. They are designed to give you an idea of what’s possible. Individual results may vary. Unity Network does not guarantee that anyone will make money from the use or promotion of our business training products, training, and services. Success in any business requires leadership effort, skills, commitment, and dedication and will be dependent 100% on your effort.”

When examining thoroughly their videos, you will see that they promise certain returns to their members.

There is also evidence that the Unity Network guarantees its members to quick cash.

  1. The Step 5 of 10-Step Training Program says “How to Earn Your First Million Much Faster”.
  2. The Step 8 of the 10-Step Training Program tells “How to Level Up Your Business To Double Or Triple Your Income Without Doing Any Additional Effort”.
  3. Step 9 of 10-Step Training Program. How to Earn Php200,000 & 2,000,000 in 1 year or Less with APS & Unity Network
  4. Step 10 of 10-Step Training Program. How to Start Using Your Ascending Profit System Money Making Machine to Start Earning Big Upfront, Residual & Backend Commissions.

Some members say they are making money online from affiliate marketing. The commission as an affiliate is high. For instance, if somebody buys a platinum plan in your affiliate link, you can earn up to Php22,000 (1,000+3,000+7,000+11,000).

They publicly post their earnings on Facebook as part of their escalation method to attract prospects. Also, they create success stories and share them on their timelines, groups, and pages.

How to Earn in Unity Unity Network

As a Unity Network member, you need to promote their products with include Ascending Profit System or the Average to Millionaire System to earn.

You will recruit people so that you will have a commission. Recruiting other people using your unique affiliate link is the only way you can make money in Unity Network.

They did not disclose this in their marketing testimonial videos. They only told us that they are making money using the Ascending Profit System or their business is making money using the APS or ATM.

If you are on top or ahead of the line, or have the resources to scale your recruitment process, then there is a high chance that you can recruit more and make money.

Unity Network is a Scam

The company’s business model looks like a Pyramid scheme. Its a recruitment driven pyramid scam.

The characteristics of a Pyramid Scheme, according to US SEC, are:

  • No genuine product or service
  • Promises of high returns in a short period.
  • Easy money or passive income.
  • No demonstrated revenue from retail sales.
  • Buy-in required.
  • Complex commission structure.
  • Emphasis on recruiting.

Based on the above criteria, I believe Unity Network is a SCAM and a PYRAMID SCHEME. It has no genuine product or service. It promises quick money and emphasizes the recruitment program. 

What will happen if you can no longer recruit? The pyramid will inevitably fall.

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SEC Advisory

On February 14, 2018, the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission issued a warning against Unity Network for enticing the public to invest in the said entity online.

It says in part:

” The public is hereby informed that although UNITYNET CORPORATION is registered with the Commission as a corporation, however, such primary registration merely confers upon the entity a juridical personality under the Corporation Code of the Philippines and does NOT authorize it to offer, solicit, sell or distribute any investment/securities. Such activities require a Secondary License from the Commission and the securities or investment product should likewise be registered with SEC before they can be offered or sold to the public under Sections 8 and 12 of the Securities Regulation Code (SRC).

Consequently, those who act as salesmen, brokers, dealers or agents of UNITYNET CORPORATION in selling or convincing people to invest in the investment scheme being offered by UNITYNET CORPORATION including solicitations or recruitment through the internet may likewise be prosecuted and held criminally liable under Section 28 of the Securities Regulation Code and penalized with a maximum fine of Five Million pesos (P5,000,000.00) or penalty of Twenty One (21) years imprisonment or both pursuant to Section 73 of the SRC.

Accordingly, those who invite or recruit other people to join or invest in this venture or
offer contracts or securities to the public may be held liable or accordingly sanctioned or
penalized in accordance with the Supreme Court decision in the case of SEC vs. Oudine Santos
(G.R. No. 195542, March 19, 2014). “

The SEC believes Unity Network is selling an investment contract. I agree with the commission.

For a detailed explanation of an investment contract, read my PlanProMatrix review.

Low-Quality Products

Unity Network’s products are not worth your money. Never buy Ascending Profit System or Average to MIllionaire System (ATM) or any Unity Network’s products.

The internet has an extensive database of resources to learn affiliate marketing. Head on to Udemy. You can find excellent affiliate marketing courses at $15 or less.

If you check YouTube, you can find most affiliate marketing strategies. In a google search, you can see blogs and authority sites giving free affiliate marketing tutorials.

Why would you buy impact instruments when there is WordPress? WordPress is free to use with no limitations of available plugins.

If you are promoting a product because of its high commission, then you are doing it wrong. Unity Network has nothing to offer except the high commissions you will earn when you can recruit people to buy from your affiliate link.

The essence of the Ascending Profit System and other Unity Network’s Products is not the product itself but the recruitment program. 

Final Thoughts on Unity Network

Unity Network is trying to convince everyone that it is not an MLM Pyramid Scheme. However, when you check their marketing strategies, you will find most of their techniques are just the same.

The escalation method (showing income in public) and lifestyle marketing are favorite ways that MLM Pyramid Schemes are implementing.

Offering a guarantee to make money fast is common in these firms. Just like Pyramid Schemes, Unity Network emphasizes the recruitment of affiliates.

The marketing strategies target the vulnerability of a typical quick-rich mindset.

The Ascending Profit System focuses on generating commissions at various levels. There are testimonials from individuals earning from the affiliate program. Ultimately, they earned because they recruited someone and not because Unity Network helped their online business.

The information you can find in the company’s product is available on the internet at zero or less cost to you.

Unity Network products did not add any value to me. The information given is inferior compared to the available free resource I have found on authority sites and blogs.

You can make money online using the Ascending Profit System. However, I believe it is not ethical to promote a product without value to your audience.

Trustworthy affiliate marketers create content to help their audience and not because they will earn commissions every time they purchase.

What are your thoughts about the Ascending Profit System? Is it useful? Share your views in the comment section below.

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