Unity Wealth Review: The Truth Behind the 100-Peso Scam

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Is Unity Wealth a scam or legit? The business offers unlimited lifetime income for a price of 100 pesos. To invest or not to invest? Check this 2019 review first.

Unity Wealth Marketing’s (also known as Unity Wealth 100) online business is selling like hotcakes on Facebook. Who would ignore their ads if a promised return is unlimited for a price of 100 pesos?

It feels so good to imagine paying such cheap money for a lifetime income.  Perhaps you are now seeing yourself in the mirror holding lots of 1000-peso bills.

After that, you take a selfie with the cash and post it on social media and invite people to join.

Unity Wealth Marketing is cool, isn’t it? But, wait.

What is Unity Wealth? Is it legit or scam? How does it work?

Before you send 100 pesos to Anthony Mendoza, check this ultimate review first.

Read on and find out.

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What is Unity Wealth Marketing?

Unity Wealth Marketing aims to empower people, bringing their life to success. It envisions to be the best company that shapes people to success to achieve time and financial freedom. That is according to their website.

Other than the vision and mission statements, there is nothing more you can find on the company’s website. There is not enough information on what products they are selling. The person behind and its location cannot be found on its web page.

However, a quick search on Facebook will reveal that Anthony Mendoza is the person behind this business. He founded the company on July 12, 2017. The business name is DTI registered.

Unity Wealth Review CEO

How to Register

Registering with Unity Wealth Marketing is straightforward.

First, look for an upline and request for a referral link. Next, click the given link and fill out the desired information.

Unity Wealth Signup and Register

Then, hit the sign-up button. Finally, log in your Unity account and enter your code.

You can buy activation codes from Anthony Mendoza at 100 pesos or from code resellers at 110 pesos each.

Unity Wealth Review Dashboard

As of this writing, the loading speed of the login area is so slow. Consequently, it will be difficult for current members to log in and tough for interested people to sign-up.

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Products and Services

Unity Wealth Marketing has no identifiable products or services to sell. Instead, it offers a data entry job and the right to recruit.

The data entry job is also known as a CAPTCHA encoding. Members earn through typing CAPTCHAs.

The right to recruit or the referral program allows the member to invite others and make a commission.

How to Earn

There are two ways you can earn in Unity Wealth Marketing. You can make money through CAPTCHA encoding and inviting people.

CAPTCHA Encoding

Unity CAPTCHA encoding does not require a software installation. I have previously discussed CAPTCHA encoding in PlanPromMatrix review.

Websites use CAPTCHA to prevent hackers and spammers from immediately doing a particular action using scripts or bots. Criminals use these bots to hack passwords in various accounts and spam comments in blogs.

Think again if you want to pursue your career in CAPTCHA encoding. You may not know it, but you are already part of cybercriminal’s illegal activities.

Moreover, CAPTCHA rate is relatively low. For instance, Unity Wealth CAPTCHA is around 0.2-0.3 centavos per batch. In a single batch, there are 25 CAPTCHAs. Each CAPTCHA appears every 20 seconds.

If we do the math, your earnings for CAPTCHA encoding is around Php1.8 per hour. If you work for 8 hours a day, you will make Php14.4. This amount may not be enough to cover your internet charges every day.

Unity Wealth Review CAPTCHA encoding

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Referral System

Unity Wealth Marketing’s referral system is easy to understand. You can earn Php40 pesos for each direct referral (someone you invited).

You will get Php20 for each indirect referral (Type A). Indirect referrals (Type A) are those people who your direct referrals personally invited.  You can make Php10 for each referral made by indirect referrals (Type A).

Unity Wealth premium package is available for Php1000 with more ways to earn. As a premium account holder, you are entitled to the following:

  1. Direct referrals at Php100 each member.
  2. CAPTCHA encoding allows you to earn dollars.
  3. The first pair of Level 1 up 10th entitles you to get Php400 each.
  4. Pairing bonus of Php100 per pairs up to 30 pairs per day.
  5. Eloading
  6. The pass-up bonus of Php50

Check the video below from the noted promoter and scammer of Unity Wealth to know more about their premium package.

Does Unity Wealth Marketing Sell an Investment Contract?

Unity Wealth’s business model is like PlanProMatrix. I believe it sells an investment contract that is a security.

A security requires a Secondary License. It must be registered with the SEC before it can be sold or offer for sale to the public.

An investment contract according to the Amended IRR of Securities Regulations Code (R.A. No. 8799), is a contract, transaction or scheme whereby a person invests his money in a common enterprise. Then, he is led to expect profits primarily from the efforts of others.

In my opinion, Anthony Mendoza’s business satisfies all the requirements of an investment contract.

Firstly, there is an investment in money when an investor/member binds money to an enterprise. The company sells its membership at Php100.

Secondly, there is a common enterprise when two or more investors “pool” their resources.  In this case, the invested money is under the control of Unity Wealth, who decides as to what to do with the amount. The company uses part of the money while a portion is paid to pay the promised returns to its members.

Thirdly, investors or members are attracted primarily by the possibility of earning from his investment. The investment in money is made with the expectation of receiving profits from the Company.

Lastly, profits from the business arise primarily from the efforts of others.

On March 7, 2019, the SEC warned the public from investing in Unity Wealth.

The government agency said “Unity Wealth Marketing/UWealth Premium/Unitywealth 100 is not registered with the Commission as a corporation or partnership and is not authorized to solicit investments from the public, not having secured prior registration and/or license to solicit investments as prescribed under Section 8 of the
Securities Regulation Code (SRC).’

If you promote this scam you could be liable criminally. Either you will be fined Php5,000,000 or jailed for 21 years or BOTH.

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Is Unity Wealth Legit or Scam?

Unity Wealth is a scam because its business model looks like a Pyramid scheme. The company does not have products to sell. The recruitment of people is its business. Don’t confuse this scam with affiliate marketing.

Likewise, I don’t consider Unity Wealth’s CAPTCHA encoding as a legitimate business. Cybercriminals use this method to hack accounts, create multiple emails or spam the web.

If you still want to pursue the CAPTCHA job, some websites offer high rates without membership fees.

Furthermore, I think the company is selling an investment contract that is a security.  The security then should be subject to Philippine Securities Laws and Regulations.

Perhaps you will tell me that your online business is legitimate because many are making money from it. Then, I will ask you in return. “If recruitment were to be stopped today, would the members still make money?” 

If your answer is negative, then there is a high probability that the business is a pyramid scam.

Can I File a Complaint against the Company?

Yes, you can file a complaint against the company. Please contact the SEC’s Enforcement and Investor Protection Department (EIPD) at 02-818-6337 or 02-818-6047 or send them an email at epd@sec.gov.ph.

The business name is registered in DTI. Yet, its operations may fall under the jurisdiction of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

If it is inconvenient to you because the price is relatively low, the best thing you can do now is to share this review.

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Unity Wealth Review Conclusion

This Unity Wealth review concludes that Anthony Mendoza’s business is a scam, and at all cost should be avoided.

The business relies on the recruitment of people. It has no products available for sale. People generate profits merely by inviting other persons.

Unity Wealth’s CAPTCHA encoding is not a product. Instead, its a cover to conceal the illegal activity of the company from the authorities.

Please share this review if you find this helpful.

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