UnliFlex Advertising Review 2018: Legit or Low-Cost Scam?

Is UnliFlex Advertising legit or scam? Find out in this review.

So, you are wondering whether UnliFlex Advertising is real or not. We understand because they promise you to earn unlimited money and transform your Php350 to Php50,000.

It sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? Can you make money with UnliFlex?

In this review, you will know whether the company is legitimate or scam. So, read on and find out.

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Company Profile

The company’s official website says UnliFlex Advertising is a global online community with multiple earning opportunities. The founder and its members advertise the firm as an online business opportunity.

Our researchers noted that the firm’s web page is poorly constructed. There is no office address. The privacy policy and contact page are nowhere to be found.

UnliFlex Advertising

The company’s name is DTI-registered. Mr. Niño Kilag Brajen is the founder of UnliFlex based on his Facebook profile.

Nino Kilag Brajen UnliFlex Founder

Products and Services

UnliFlex has no identifiable products or services to sell. Instead, it asks Php350 from you to upgrade the free account to the executive.

Once you upgrade your account, you will have 60 days’ worth of text advertising on their platform. This text ad credit allows you to advertise your links in UnliFlex.

Text Ad

Executive account members can earn money in various ways.

How to Register

Registration in UnliFlex Advertising is simple. To begin with, look for a sponsor and ask for a referral link. Then, fill out the required information.

Registering on their platform is free. However, your free account is useless because you cannot earn unless you purchase the executive plan.

To upgrade your account, you need to buy an activation code worth Php350 or Php360 (purchased from the authorized resellers).

Authorized Resellers of UnliFlex Advertising Codes

How to Earn in UnliFlex

Most of its members promote that there are five ways to earn in UnliFlex. However, our review indicates that there is only one way to profit in this platform.

Earnings from UnliFlex are solely based on the recruitment of affiliates.

Scam Alert: Droidjo

UFlex UBP or Universal Bonus Pool

Every time a member pays to activate his executive account, 15% of Php350 goes to Universal Bonus Pool. UnliFlex members will divide the total amount.

An individual account is limited only up to Php1,000. This way of earning means that you gain without doing anything.

Universal Bonus Pool

UFlex Direct Bonus

You can earn Php75 for each direct referral who activates his executive account.

UFlex Unilevel Bonus

This method will allow you to earn Php10 for each direct and indirect referral up to the 5th level. They must avail of the premium account for you to earn.

For instance, you recruited A, then, A invited B. Next, B sponsored C and C referred D. Once A, B, C, and D pay 350 for activate their premium account, you get Php10.

UFlex Unilevel Bonus

UFlex Cash Pool

To avail of this income, you must have at least ten direct invites who upgraded their account. A share in the cash pool is equivalent to 10 direct invites.

Twenty-five Pesos (Php25) is added to the UnliFlex Cash Pool every time a member upgrades his membership. The qualified accounts shall divide the total money based on the number of shares.

The more recruits you have means, the higher your shares will be. In effect, the more earnings you will get.

UFlex Table Bonus

To begin with, you have five tables with 15 slots that you need to fill to unlock the UnliFlex Table Bonuses.

First, in Table 1, you will be put below your upline. Next, once the table is full, your upline will do the cycle and the table will split into 2.

Then, additional eight members are necessary to fill the remaining slots in the next table. Filling the table is required so that the member who is next line can do the cycle.

Scam Alert: Droidjo

If it is your turn to cycle, two things will happen. First, you will undergo the re-entry process. This process means that the system will create a new table where you are at the top.

From there, the system will do the re-entry process every time the table is full. Then, you will receive the UnliFlex Table Bonus.

Second, after the re-entry, the UnliFlex system will create a new table to be used in the next. Based on the auto-fill queue, you will be on the vacant slot.

If you are on top and the slots are all occupied, then you can now proceed to the next table. After that, you will undergo the re-entry process.

Repeat the procedures until you reach Table 5. Finally, the cycle out of the last table entitles you to Php50,000 bonus.

The accounts in previous tables will continue to cycle and make money as time goes by.

Can You Make Money with UnliFlex?

As discussed in the preceding section of this review, the company relies on recruitment. You can earn once you recruit someone who later activates to executive account.

Making money is impossible for you if recruitment is stopped. However, those at the top always make money at the expense of the recruits.

Is UnliFlex Legit or Scam?

UnliFlex is a pyramid scam. First, it has no products or services for sale.

Text advertising is not a product because people can post the same links somewhere else at no costs. For instance, you can advertise your links in Facebook groups with more members.

Second, it relies on recruitment. The recruits provide the income for few people at the top of the pyramid. This practice is a classic example of a pyramid scheme.

Article 4(k) of The Consumer Act of the Philippines (R.A 7394) defines a pyramid scheme as follows:

Article 53 of the same law prohibits the pyramid scheme, otherwise called as a pyramid scam.

Unregistered Investment

First, UnliFlex Advertising collects or solicits money from the public. Second, the company promises unlimited income for a price of Php350. Third, the guaranteed income is based primarily on the effort of others.

Based on the information we gathered, we believe that the company is selling an unregistered investment. Its an investment contract under the Amended IRR of The Securities and Regulations Code.

Rule 26.3.5 defines an investment contract as follows;

UnliFlex satisfies all the elements of an investment contract. For additional discussions, please refer to our PlanProMatrix, Unity Wealth, Paysbook and AIM Global Review.

An investment contract is a security. Thus, before it can be sold or offer for sale to the public, an entity must secure a Secondary License from the SEC. Also, the security must be registered with the said government agency.

Possible Violations

Our team has identified possible violations of the subject enterprise. These are listed below:

  1. The Data Privacy Act of 2012 and its IRR (R.A 10173)- The company failed to disclose its privacy policy when it collects personal information in the advertising platform.
  2. Consumer Act of the Philippines and its IRR (R.A 7394)- The company’s business operation looks like a pyramid scheme.
  3. Securities and Regulations Code and its IRR (R.A 8799)- UnliFlex is selling an investment contract which requires a Secondary License and must be registered before it can be sold to or offer for sale to the public.

If you want to file a complaint against this entity, please refer to our AIM Global article. Then proceed to the filing of complaint section.

UnliFlex Review Conclusion

UnliFlex Advertising is a pyramid scam because it has no products or services available for sale. Members of the company generate income from the recruits.

People in this organization earns no money if the lowest person on the scheme stops inviting. Only those at the top of the pyramid are rewarded in the end.

Also, the subject enterprise is selling an investment contract. An investment contract is a security which requires a Secondary License. The security must be registered with the SEC before it is sold or offered to the public.

The best thing to do for scammers is to file a formal complaint against them. Also, sharing this review will help the public.