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Wazirx Vs Kuber Coinswitch Vs Coin DCX Go | Which Is Best Crypto App In India ?

As we all know that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are in the trend these days and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. So it is a good idea to invest in them. There are several platforms that allow you to do so and WazirX and CoinSwitch Kuber are two of them. I personally have used both of them and as of my understanding WazirX has better services and features as compared to CoinSwitch Kuber, not that CoinSwitchKuber not good, it is also good but I think WazirX has some advantage over CoinSwitch Kuber.

WazirX has its own utility token called WRX and that rewards its user for their contribution in success of WazirX and this is a great step to make its user stick together.
And for Indian users, WazirX has an auto-matching P2P engine that allows users to deposit and withdraw in their local currency i.e. INR, a very useful feature for Indian traders.
On the other hand, is CoinSwitch Kuber which is not complicated and I think is made for the people who have just started trading in cryptocurrency and is great for them while WazirX is a little advanced and is in-depth of the cryptocurrency world and has a lot to explore. I advise from my personal experience that choose if you have just started and register there but if you want to explore the cryptocurrency market in depth I suggest going for WazirX. You can also register on and trade crypto coins there to earn decent money.


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