What are Web3 Tools | A General Guide to CertiK's Products

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CertiK is the leading security auditor in the Web3 space. Check out our product guide. To learn more, visit: https://www.certik.com/

00:00 Introduction to CertiK
00:14 CertiK’s SecurityAudit
00:28 CertiK’s Skynet
00:44 CertiK’s Know Your Customer (KYC)
01:00 CertiK’s Bug Bounty Program & Outro

CertiK is the leading security auditor in the Web3 space. Having performed over 3,200 audits, our team is capable of securing projects across many ecosystems and development languages.

CertiK security audits analyze a project’s blockchain and smart contract code. A team of expert security engineers will review the code for vulnerabilities. Once the assessment is complete, auditors will work with projects to implement the recommended fixes and display the report on certik.com.

Skynet is a dynamic security and insights engine that delivers 24/7 monitoring and provides transparency to the community via CertiK’s leading security leaderboard. Skynet displays critical on-chain and off-chain data all in one place for projects to understand their strengths and potential weaknesses, offering peace of mind to investors and community members.

CertiK KYC is the leading identity verification and due diligence service for project teams. Projects can verify and vet their identities through CertiK’s rigorous KYC process. Upon successful completion, projects will receive a KYC badge that highlights their transparency and commitment to building trust with their communities.

CertiK’s bug bounty program is designed to incentivize leading white hat hackers to continually monitor a project’s applications and code. CertiK is the only bug bounty program to offer a team of dedicated security engineers who will help execute a project’s program. This ensures that projects can identify the right bugs to remediate and properly implement the fixes.