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What Is Curve Finance in DeFi? | How does Curve Finance work? | What is the CRV token?

The impact of AMMs (automated market makers) on the bitcoin market has been enormous. The liquidity protocols Uniswap, Balancer, and PancakeSwap allow anyone to become a market maker and earn fees on a number of market pairs.
Can these AMMs effectively compete with centralized exchanges? Maybe. Stablecoin trade, on the other hand, is an area where they have already shown tremendous promise. Curve Finance is a market leader in this area.

00:00 Disclaimer
00:23 Introduction
00:52 What is Curve Finance?
02:08 How does Curve Finance work?
03:24 What is the CRV token?
03:48 The risks of Curve Finance
04:49 Swerve Finance
05:16 Closing Thoughts

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