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What Is Polkadot Crypto? – Polkadot (DOT) Explained and Reviewed | Cryptology

What Is Polkadot Crypto? – Polkadot Explained and Reviewed. Learn about Polkadot
blockchain and Polkadot cryptocurrency in this video. If you have been thinking of
investing in Polkdot this video will help you with your decision.

Polkadot is the new kid on the block in the world of cryptocurrency. It is more
interactive than Bitcoin or Ethereum as developers can link blockchains to the
Polkadot system and even create their own blockchains. Polkadot is also currently
more affordable than Bitcoin or Etherium which makes it a more attractive option.

Ethereum, while being the biggest programmable blockchain in the cryptocurrency
industry is also slow, congested, and expensive. It also does not work well with other

Polkadot is faster and more scalable. It also works with other networks and has a
fast-growing pool of developers. Recently, Electric Capitol did a report which showed
that Polkadot has almost doubled its development community from 197 in 2017, to
388 in 2020. While only a fraction of the developers working on Ethereum, this is a
great testament to the growth of Polkadot.

DOT is Polkadot’s crypto coin and has gained over 630% since its launch in August

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