What will a Web3 social network look like?

We all are witnessing the popularity and usage of blockchain & cryptocurrency nowadays. With their emergence, the foundation of Web3 is also strengthening.

Various protocols and decentralized apps backed by venture capital investments are to be seen nowadays. In recent years, social media giants have misused a lot of users’ privacy. There are central servers that mine users’ data for ad revenues. We can assume that with the onset of Web 3, there will be better social networks for everyone.

In this article, we will walk you through the emergence of Web3 and what Web3 offers to social networks. A platform known as “Avalanche” for Web3 deployment, and we will know more about Avalanche Node Deployment

Introduction to Web 3

Before heading towards how social network dynamics will change, let’s understand Web 3.0 or Web3 first. Until now, other organizations have controlled our data; with Web3, it will be completely in our control.

In the initial days of the internet, we could only see other websites. Further, with the emergence of Web 2.0, we were able to read and publish our content as well in the form of blogs, pictures, personal websites, and many more. However, all of this is still controlled by multinational technology companies. Although Web3 has multiple features such as — semantic web, edge computing, AI & many more — its decentralized feature has made it more popular among enterprises and individuals.  

Therefore, the new technology Web 3.0, will eliminate dominating organizations, thereby leaving complete control among the users. The users on the internet will be able to monetize their data. Anything here can be tokenized, or we can say traded. In addition, the internet will become more community-powered, self-monetized, and decentralized.

Web3 and its Users

The technology will also boost the creator economy, as you must have already noticed the trend in NFTs. The reason is the widespread use of Web3. You can understand that there are in-built payment options that will make buying and selling easier on the Web.

In tandem with decentralization, there will be creative-centric and censorship resistance ecosystems present on Web3. Furthermore, the features of Web3 can be used for natural learning, artificial intelligence, networking, etc.

Avalanche Node

Various layer-one protocols such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Cardano, and many more are becoming the first choice of organizations. Talking about Avalanche, it has recently released Core, a Web3 operating system. Avalanche is a blockchain platform that offers a programmable smart contract platform for Web3 development.

One of the benefits of Avalanche is that it is very similar to the popular blockchain platform Ethereum. Its protocol is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and is additionally favorable for dApps.

Nodes are essential for the working of blockchain. However, setting it up yourself is tiresome. Thus a blockchain node deployment company such as Zeeve can be a convenient option for Avalanche Node Deployment.

All About Avalanche Node Deployment

With Blockchain Node Deployment Company Zeeve, you can launch your Avalanche (AVAX) Blockchain node efficiently. Zeeve’s Avalanche node deployment is 100% configurable, multi-cloud, and has intuitive analytics. You can trust reliable names like Zeeve to build, deploy and scale the Enterprise-grade Web3.

The Web3 version has limitless features to offer with more scalability and better user-focused engagement. Although, a lot more work needs to be done on the community governance and consensus protocol. Professionals with deeper technical skills will make access to Web3  easier for the masses.