What’s the Most Popular NFT?

If you are a person who tries to follow modern trends, you must have heard about NFTs or non-fungible tokens. They are becoming a more and more popular way to invest funds. Moreover, they allow artists from all over the globe to make money on their pieces of art.

Before you discover the major reasons why NFTs are so popular and what the top-selling NFT collections are, it’s a good idea to get to know what a non-fungible token actually is and how it is created. NFTs are content that is logged and authenticated on cryptocurrency blockchains. Every token is unique and has no analogs. Any piece of digital content can become an NFT – from a meme to a song.  

There is one more peculiarity that should be noticed. Everyone can not only buy a non-fungible token he or she likes but even create their own one. For example, OpenSea is the best marketplace that meets the needs of both newbies and experienced artists. The platform has a user-friendly interface and lots of useful options. Buying or selling NFTs is quite easy on this website. If you are wondering whether there are some alternatives to OpenSea, the answer will be positive. Rarible, Foundation, and SuperRare are examples of other marketplaces you may experience. They allow you to create, buy, and sell NFTs of different types. 

Main Reasons for High Popularity of NFT

Although all the news is about the most popular NFT collections, it’s still sometimes difficult to understand why digital art has become so trendy. There are several reasons you may consider. They are the following:

  • NFTs are a perfect solution for modern collectors. In the last century, it was very popular to collect stamps. Nowadays, there are a few aspiring philatelists. It is more popular and trendier to collect non-fungible tokens. Moreover, there are lots of top-selling NFT collections you may hunt for.   
  • They are a good way to invest money. Crypto trading and investing are not able to please a wide range of users anymore. It’s a good idea to start with an NFT. You may focus not on the biggest collections but on prospective samples. There are lots of feasible variants on the Net.  
  • Non-fungible tokens are used in copious modern games. Recently online gambling has become the number one entertainment for users. You can hardly find a person who has never played a video game. There are whole digital universes. Creating and selling NFTs within definite games are able to bring you significant profit.   
  • A non-fungible token is not the same as a crypto coin. Although it’s impossible to mint an NFT without ETH (or some other cryptocurrencies), the nature of non-fungible tokens differs greatly from crypto. With digital assets, it’s possible to order services and purchase versatile items.  
  • They allow artists to express their creativity. Music, pictures, memes, and even fashion items are converted into NFTs. Artists are able to create the most captivating and appealing masterpieces of digital art even without leaving their houses.

It’s not definitely the whole list of possible reasons. Every artist or person who is to buy such tokens is able to find something special in this type of digital art.  

The List of the Most Trending NFTs

You may be surprised to get to know that the number of top NFT collections is enormous. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that new samples appear every day. Many people try to sell their digital pieces of art on different platforms in order to make money or gain worldwide popularity. 


Perhaps, it’s the most famous and selling NFT collection you’ve ever heard about. You can hardly find a person who has never seen or heard about these cute digital individuals. They look so cute and appealing. CryptoPunks are a part of the set of 10,000 NFTs. Their price varies from $350,000 to $500,000. There are also samples that cost up to a million or even more. 

Bored Ape Yacht Club

It’s impossible to imagine the chart of the best NFT collections without this set. It’s one of the best and most expensive collections you may find on the market. For starters, the minimum cost of entry is 93 RTH, or about $224,000. You may be surprised to get to know that the initial price for these tokens was only about $190. Nowadays, only a few collectors are able to purchase the samples. The best place for buying them is OpenSea.     

Axie Infinity

If you are a gambler, you definitely know the name of this online game. This awesome game features its own ecosystem and a variety of tine monsters. They are called Axies. Users are able to create NFTs and exchange them for items in the game. Moreover, Axie Infinity collections are also popular even outside the game ecosystem.

Cool Cats

It’s one of the cutest NFT collections you may find on the Internet. Blue cats have gained popularity among users from all over the globe. There are 9.9K tokens. It’s worth mentioning that there are more and less cool cats. On the Internet, you may find a chart that represents the level of coolness of each of the cats. The prices are different. Some cats cost $179k or even more.  


The Meebits are 20,000 unique 3D voxel characters. You can find them on both OpenSea and Rarible. The market cap of the tokes is about $229,603,268.96. Although they are far from free, there are still lots of people who desire to get some funny characters.

So, if you are a beginner, it’s not an easy task to define what popular NFT collections you should follow. It’s of prime importance to monitor the market in order to be able to catch the winning solutions. Such sites as Top NFT Collections, for instance, accumulate all the information about the most interesting and popular collections. You are able to get lots of useful information about trades and volume. It’s a good idea to get acquainted with trends if you desire to make really profitable investments or to become a successful artist.