Which Framework To Choose For Cross-Platform Application

Today we will figure out which cross-platform frameworks are best appropriate for creating mobile apps.  It is necessary to start with the fact that this is a difficult task that requires certain knowledge.

In this article, we will consider 5 of the most famous frameworks.  It includes such as React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Xamarin, Native Spirit.  Each of them is special in its own way, so look at the explanation of each.

What is the essence of cross-platform technology?

Everything is very simple.  With the help of cross-platform technologies, you have the opportunity to create applications for several operating systems at once.  Another important advantage is the drafting rate.  Therefore, it is safe to say that this is a cool environment for the modern world.

If you do not know how to make your own cross-platform app in general, then this is also not a problem.  You can always ask for help from specialists

Cross-platform helps to optimize applications and maintain them.  Usually, cross-platform frameworks are divided into hybrid-native and hybrid web development.  And there is a significant difference between them.

The fact is that the first option helps to connect frameworks with a native user interface, where there is a common code.  But the second option is implemented with a single code base and common components.

When to develop cross-platform applications?

To date, there are a number of cases when you need applications of this type to help you.

1. When you have to make applications for more than two mobile platforms;

2. Budget restrictions and you should spend as little as possible;

3. Do not need very complex applications;

Thanks to today’s technologies, such applications are being modified and becoming better.

And now let’s move on to the list of frameworks.

React Native

This framework helps to translate application code into machine language.  By choosing this particular platform, you can be sure that the application will work on all platforms.  The elaboration itself is easy and does not require a lot of time.  Thanks to this, you significantly reduce the time.  After development, you will receive an application that is similar to native ones in terms of speed, which is a big plus.


Another framework that deserves attention.  The main feature of this platform is a huge number of opportunities for developing cross-platform mobile applications.  It has long surpassed React Native in popularity.  This is a trendy source of resources where you can learn.  It does not take much time or special skills to master the language.  Everything is very simple.  And its high speed is the main feature over competitors.


This Framework is hybrid web development.  You don’t need deep knowledge to use it.  There is a huge library of different tools and plugins that makes the drafting procedure simple.  During the preparation of your application, you will be able to preview in the browser how it will look.  Ideal for simple graphics.


This can be said to be a new development that is based on the principles of Microsoft.  It is compatible with any operating system.  The main achievement is that you may make apps that are indistinguishable from native ones.  Xamarin fits well with devices and IoT.  There is a complete toolkit that is necessary for high-quality development.


This Framework will complete our list.  It presents a completely native user interface.  You can find free source code there.  You can also integrate any library-related to JavaScript.  If difficulties arise during development, then you can easily use the detailed documentation, which describes all the technologies and concepts that you need.

What to choose is up to you.  It all depends on what exactly you want to develop.  In order not to face a choice, you can simply turn to Dewais and get a quality development.  What could be more convenient?