Who is Tatiana Blondychain and why you should listen to her? Top 1 crypto girl influencer in CIS and Europe

1. Where you’re from? What did you do before connecting your life with the crypto world?

I am from Ukraine and proud of it. Before I got into crypto, I had a business. Why am I talking about business in the past tense? Because the war began, otherwise it would have lived for a couple more years for sure. It was a Crema coffe franchise that I have been running since 2012. Further I moved from business to crypto. I already ran a YouTube channel about how to make delicious coffee, where I taught people how to froth milk, how to make coffee properly, told where baristas make mistakes and a whole lot more. That is, in fact, I’m trying to conquer YouTube for the second time at least.

Therefore, the idea came up as soon as I started doing crypto – to create a YouTube channel and start promoting my product in this way, namely, to record educational videos about what I had already learned. I started to participate in IDO and it turned out great for me to make money on it with minimal capital. My friends and acquaintances began to often ask me in a personal, “How do you do it this way? How do you hit launchpads everywhere? How did you win in IDO? What do you do for this? How do you redeem allocations? When should it be sold for maximum profit?” etc. The more requests appeared in my private messages, the more I had a desire to do it publicly, not to answer everyone in a pm and thus save my time. I decided to create video instructions, so that people can go to my YouTube channel and learn everything that I have learned and can broadcast to others. Before franchising a coffee shop, I studied at the University of Economics at the Department of Finance and Credit.

2. Tell about a turning point, a fateful moment, if there was one in your life.

War in Ukraine. The biggest turning point. When you lose your home, when you lose everything… business, real estate, car… I have everything left in Ukraine, and the cost of all this is essentially zero. And yet, thank God, I have not lost relatives. All live, healthy. Although from day to day, who knows what will happen.

3. Why did you start studying and investing in IDO?

Initially, I did not invest much in all cryptocurrencies, including IDO. I bought and sold coins and tokens, speculated on the spot. No futures. I never recommend futures to anyone because I see millions of unsuccessful stories when people lost money. Better to do it all on the spot. You can make enough money just using spot, stop loss and so on. Let’s return to IDO. Then there were the dawns of the IDO hype, everyone slowly started to learn about it, wrote in various public telegrams, Polkastarter began to promote itself through everyone who went to IDO, since marketing, tweets, retweets and so on had to be done there. That’s how I found out about the first Polkastarter platform, looked at how everything works there, and then I bought the first POLS. In fact, in order to participate in IDO, you need to invest in the purchase of tokens. But again, you need to understand the risks, since you can buy platform IDO tokens, which will fall in price and you will have a drawdown of at least 2-3 x down. Therefore, you need to understand that you need to buy tokens not on a hype, but when there is a slight correction.

4. Your biggest failure. What mistakes happened when investing in crypto?

There are a lot of mistakes in the crypto! In fact, in crypto you always make mistakes – that’s the point: you pay for experience. Another question: what is the price of your mistake? I used to get caught by scammers as well. How to understand how to protect yourself from them if at least once you do not burn out in this? Sometimes, I didn’t fix the profit on time, I thought that the token would grow and, as a result, it fell down. Sometimes, I simply did not have time to keep track of my portfolio, did not rebalance a portfolio that was for the long term, although it was possible to transfer one asset to another and multiply my capital. I just physically couldn’t do it. The biggest failure was when I did not have time to fix my profit in IDO. From an allocation of about 250 or 500 dollars (I don’t remember exactly, it was 1 year ago), the allocation grew by $16,000 and I thought that it would grow a little more. I went sleep. And in the morning it all rolled into the trash. It is clear that you are waiting for it to correct or grow back, but it has been going downhill for a whole month. I call it a big lost opportunity. Something like this.

5. You currently live in Bali. Many people in the comments of your YouTube channel ask about this place. Why did you choose this particular place to live?

In fact, I chose Bali by accident. There are many beautiful videos on YouTube about the fact that it is considered a paradise island, plus there are many myths that Bali changes lives. And indeed, I heard such an interesting phrase that if you come to Bali, then Bali changes your life forever. Magic island. I became very interested. Plus, I love Asia. Before that, I was in Thailand almost everywhere. I have not been to Vietnam. I like Asia very, very much. I have been to Koh Chang, Koh Phi Phi, Phuket and so on. I like the climate of Asia, I like the mentality, everyone here is very kind. I flew to Bali for 2 months, just as a tourist. But, COVID caught me, and all borders were closed. There was an evacuation flight, one to Ukraine, which was organized by the consul. Tickets cost space money. My friends who also flew to Bali just to travel, then a month later they left on the first evacuation flight. I understood that it makes no sense to go if COVID is everywhere around the world, it is not known what will happen next. But if I’m stuck on such a beautiful island, it’s probably a sign. Of course, it was very scary because no one knew what COVID was and maybe it was the end of the world. I remember that first month of panic plus I had money for 2 months. Yes, you can withdraw from the card there, but still you don’t expect that you will sit like that for half a year. The villa was also rented for two months. Well, somehow everything was so scary, but if you put aside all these thoughts and fear, you sit and understand: why to go somewhere at all? Prices for villas have gone down, everything has become cheaper, you live in a wonderful climate where the sea, the sun, fruits, vitamins. Well, I decided to stay. And the longer I lived in Bali, the less I wanted to leave. Changed several villas. Fell in love with their people, with their mentality. I adapted completely and realized that it’s great to live in Bali and why go somewhere. Well, Bali really changes lives. I confirm from my own experience – Bali is a magical island. Some people come and don’t last more than 2-3 weeks or a month. They can’t stand it not because they can’t afford it financially, but because they don’t like something. They just fly away, the island throws them back. Bali is generally a concentration of very unusual strange people. People from all over the world flock to this island and become permanent residents, merging with the local culture. But these people are very unusual. These are freelancers, yogis, raw foodists, vegans, someone is engaged in tantra, someone creates blockchains, someone walks barefoot. This is such an unusual concentration of people that not many people can really stand this island. Someone comes to hang out, rent a yacht, a villa, girls, and someone flies here and stays for life because the island is interesting, people are all kind. You can find friends, you can smile on the street and always smile back at you. It’s strange when you don’t smile on the street! You can turn to any person in any place, he will smile at you, you can get to know him, maybe even create some kind of common business. Bali is generally considered a networking island. I can talk about Bali forever!

6. What are your advices for crypto beginners? What is the best place to start? And how much time can it take on average for the chosen direction until the moment when a beginner starts earning? Based on your experience in this area.

The biggest piece of advice is to learn. Do not try to believe everyone in a row, follow advice, repeat after someone, bring it in thoughtlessly, only on hype. Before entering – study, study, study. For example, I have millions of tutorial videos on my YouTube channel. But they have low view stats. As soon as I shoot a review of any project, there are 5-10 times more views. I explain why. People are only interested in where to raise money, where to make money. But they do not want to turn on their brains and think for themselves which project to include. They just want someone to lead somewhere. I’ve always said that people love pyramids. They adore them, because there is no need to think, everyone is carrying them there, everyone is running there, and they are also running there. In fact, this is a herd of sheeps that need to be brought somewhere. It feels like people want to be scammed. Therefore, once again I will repeat what needs to be done to earn money for beginners. Study! Don’t be lazy! Read literature about crypto, read books, read news reports. Read How to NFT and How to DeFi books to get started. This is generally the basics, in these books there is a lot of useful information. And watch tutorial videos. Necessarily! See what security is in crypto. Be sure to think about and secure your assets before you start depositing in crypto. Think about diversification. Understand how to import a metamask. Learn how to cancel approvals. How to disable sites from metamask. How not to get caught by scams and phishing. What is Gnosis safe and how to use it. View TOP15 beginner mistakes. I can endlessly continue to study, study and study again and analyze projects before depositing money.

7. What good advice would you give to yourself now 10 years ago?

The biggest piece of advice I would give myself is not to be afraid to meet people. Everyone is essentially the same and needs to get to know each other. Networking is the best thing ever. And of course, worry less about the opinion of strangers about you. This means absolutely not thinking about what others think about you: those around you, friends and others. Do what you like and go where it’s scary. This is my favorite expression. I always try to upgrade, and for my development I go where there is fear. For example, a year ago I could not imagine myself on stage. It was my biggest childhood fear. Psychologists have proven by the way that stage fright is very similar to the fear of death. That is almost the same. And so I gave myself this task to overcome this fear to go on stage, and also to organize this forum. Now I love the stage, I love performing even though I get scared and nervous every time. But nevertheless, I realized that I really like it. And people love it. Although it was not an easy test for a blonde girl to perform on stage for the first time with the topic of cryptocurrencies in front of an audience of 100 people in the center of Bali. I overcame him. It turned out great, people love it. On my YouTube channel there are videos of me performing. To all this, I proved my expertise. If earlier some people said that I have a scenelist, I read from a piece of paper, I have a producer and so on. This is a robot! This is not Tanya! She has no brains! Etc. Then when I went on stage, I could speak for an hour with an analysis of tokenomics, for example, without prompts, of course, without sonorous text, and answer questions from forum participants for half an hour. Although I did not prepare and did not know what kind of questions they would ask me. People then realized that I was real, I have knowledge. Thus, I confirmed my expertise.

8. What are your plans for the future? What projects are you currently working on?

I want to fulfill myself even more, to receive awards and titles. At the moment, I am not so interested in the financial component in the crypto world as the titles that I can achieve in a very difficult way. For example, it took me at least 6 months to get the Polkadot ambassadorship, four of which they blocked me and didn’t even answer me. Until I got through to an English-speaking guy and he accepted my profile for ambassadorship. This was the most difficult thing, since everyone thought that I was some kind of scammer who was writing for no reason. They did not perceive me absolutely as a candidate for ambassadorship. After everything that happened, I am very proud of this status. My plans are to develop more and work with fundamental projects. Collaborate with cool projects that are in the TOP10 Coinmarketcup (for example). Be on different forums. Expand my social circle. Get to know the founders of new projects personally. Independently create and organize something interesting. For example, now I am a co-organizer of conferences in Bali. My partner and I have already held 3 conferences. Next, we plan to create a crypto forum in Dubai and Turkey. We plan to expand these areas so that people can communicate with each other, communicate with speakers, learn about the crypto world, get to know each other, and so on. We also opened sales of IDO courses and there was a private group where we gathered people for a private sale. But now we have decided to create one large private group with several directions: NFT, Airdrop, Spot, Academy, two training courses, and so on. We have created a larger product where 7 people are administrators, where many people are involved. And we want to point people in the right direction in this way. Administrators will help and suggest what, where, where is the scam, where are the good projects, where is the market heading. A trader from the SPOT channel will tell how he sees the same Bitcoin chart, where which coin can be bought to make money on it. We’ve put it all together in one big package.

9. And finally, the main question of the crypto world: where do you think bitcoin is heading? To the moon or from the moon?

Unfortunately from the moon. I think that we will reach $20,000 for 1 bitcoin and at this level I will start buying. There is such a very brutal expression “Arrange buckets.” This means setting purchase limits. If the price goes even lower, then average. But still buy, buy and buy again. Then keep at least half a year until the moment when it all grows 3 or even 4 times.

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