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Why ETH Crashing Could Be GOOD For Sorare! 👍

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In today’s video I’m joined by Markele (@MarkOSullivan94) to discuss why ETH crashing in value could be good for Sorare. Mark has been investing into crypto since 2017 and shares his knowledge with you to help put your mind at ease in the current bear market.

Intro: 0:00
Markele’s background in crypto: 0:14
Threshold rewards are more generous: 1:48
Why ETH could rise again: 3:40
Why this is the time to build a threshold team: 6:43
Examples of a budget threshold team: 8:05
Demand for threshold teams could increase: 11:44
The benefits of holding an ETH balance: 13:27
Am I holding ETH or investing in Sorare?: 14:38
It’s easier right now to sell when pricing in ETH: 16:00
Trading volumes are increasing: 16:53
Benefits for people who felt they missed the boat: 18:47
Where you can find more from Markele: 21:25

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