Why Holochain is creating an Ecosystem, and not just a Network

Today, each of us is pulled in a thousand different directions every day. We are pinged constantly by applications whose business models depend upon getting us addicted to their services so that we spend more of our time with them. But this is a consequence of how web applications (and even most “blockchain” applications) are built today.

If the internet revolved around people instead of companies, what might that make possible? Holochain is a new pattern for building not just truly distributed applications but goes beyond that to foster empowering and adaptive software ecosystems.

About Speaker

Matthew Schutte, Director of Communications, Holo.host
Matthew works on Holochain, a new way of building and running applications that puts people in control of their digital lives. Holochain enables a new pattern of communication that empowers individuals, fosters trust and helps build thriving communities. Inspired by the design patterns of natural living systems, Holochain applications are faster, more scalable and 10,000 times cheaper than blockchain approaches. Matthew is a graduate of UC Berkeley School of Law and sometimes surfs 10 – 15 meter waves at the world famous Mavericks near his home in San Francisco.