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Why Join the Bit Frenchie NFT Society?

Why Join the Bit Frenchie NFT Society? 1

Are you in a craze about Frenchies and everything about them? With over 2 million followers on social networks, Frenchie World takes the lead in gathering fans and admirers of these little gremlins. They’ve also been featured in NY Times and many more media. Founded in 2010, the Frenchie World represents the place to find everything for these batpigs and their beloved owners. And that’s not all! They came with an idea to create other things that will celebrate the love for these dogs too. The Bit Frenchie Society was created with the help of top influencers and developers. With over 10,000 Bit Frenchie NFTs, this society has found a way to please both humans and four-legged alike.

What are Bit Frenchie NFTs?

Since the latest cryptocurrency NFT phenomenon takes the world by storm, you’ll be able to join one of the biggest dog-inspired NFT societies.  Our goal is to make every abandoned and rescued Frenchie happy. The world needs more people like you to help French bulldogs in need. The Bit Frenchie Society has a way of making both humans and dogs happy with our new service, where abandoned pets can find homes all across the globe! In just one year we will be able to take care of thousands-and that means so much for these animals who deserve love too.

Our Bit Frenchie NFTs are inspired by the French bulldog breed and pop art culture. Each NFT is unique and represents hand-drawn pieces of art. You’ll be the only human in the world who owns this digital collectible. As soon as you mint one of our NFTs, you’ll automatically get a membership on our DISCORD channel and ability to get cash benefits, giveaways, unique presents, exclusive service, and many more.

Why mint the Bit Frenchie NFT?

You won’t just be getting a unique NFT, you’ll also take part in something that helps abandoned and rescued French bulldogs. We will donate 51% of the proceeds to the French Bulldog Rescue Network. By choosing a certain type of our NFTs, you’ll be able to get presents, benefits, and many more!

What types of Bit Frenchie NFTs are available?

You can choose between different types of NFTs that bring you different benefits. Have a look at our roadmap to keep in touch with all our activities. There’s also a chance to win $100,000! If you buy Bit Frenchie NFT from our collection before the sale ends, you’ll be able to become a lucky winner of $100,000.

In addition to $100,000, we will also provide VIP tickets for Non-Fungible Conference 2022 (Portugal), CES® 2022 (USA), CryptoWorldCon 2022 (Miami), Gary Vee’s VeeCon 2022 (USA), VIP Tickets for WBS 2022 (Dubai), NBA games, MMA events, Super Bowl 2022, concerts, movie premieres and much much more!

MerchFrenchie is the part of our BFS collection that features 500 erchFrenchie NFTs. By minting one of them, you’ll get a BFS classic tee.

Mixed-EthFrenchie is the BFS collection of 10 Mixed-EthFrenchies. The minting brings you 0.5 ETH.

Mixed BtcFrenchie is the third type of our NFTs which is actually half dog- half bitcoin. Minting of this Bit Frenchie brings you 0.5 Bitcoin.

UniqueFrenchie NFT brings a unique t-shirt for the buyer with the printed Bit Frenchie on the front. Unlike buyers of MerchFrenchie NFT, UniqueFrenchie makes you get the tee with your NFT. It means that you’ll be the only person in the world who’ll be able to wear such a t-shirt.

If you become a holder of 3 NFTs, you’ll also get a free airdrop MetaVerse-ready. We’ve been secretly working on this project, and only a small part of the preview you can find on our Instagram and Twitter accounts.

We’re not going to spoil the surprises just yet! But we can tell you that this is only possible because of all these great partnerships and future developments we’ve got planned for our launch (which will be smooth as butter). So stay tuned – things are about ready to take off at high speed with us on board.