Press Release

Wilder World Team AMA 08: Announcing The Genesis Rewards Program With Quantum Wilder

The Wilder World Team AMA Series is a bi-monthly series that brings members of the Wilder World team together to discuss the inner workings of Wilder World. In this series, the team opens up about how we’re building strategies, drops, roadmaps, and teams to bring the 5D Metaverse to life. We also aim to bring visibility to the people and teams behind our larger than life project as well as discuss the importance and values behind our partnerships and how we’re working with artists in the space.

This weeks team AMA features Quantum and Sunshine Wilder. The discussion goes over the new Trinity Rewards Program.

Please note: Due to some technical errors, the beginning of this recording had to edited in order to maintain its integrity. Thanks for your understanding. Enjoy!

Intro/Outro Music Artist: PRiMe PeRf

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