Word Empress Review: Cheap Ponzi Pyramid Bot

Is Word Empress legit or scam? Let’s find out in this review.

I know someone invited you to join Word Empress. Or, perhaps you saw their advertisement on Facebook enticing you to invest in their company and make money at the comfort of your home. For Php150, the earning potential is unlimited.

How to earn in Word Empress Review Legit or Scam

Are you excited to join and invest?


I made this review to uncover the reason why you should think a thousand times before giving your money to Word Empress.

What is Word Empress? Who is behind it? Can you make money with its bot? Is Word Empress legit or scam?

Give us few minutes of your time to read this review.

What is Word Empress

Word Empress is a DTI-registered company under the name Wordempress Online Gaming Place. According to its founder, it is an MLM company that offers a bot as an income opportunity.

Based on its DTI registration, Mariz Tano De Guzman registered the company on August 19th, 2020. It started operating sometime in October 2020.

Word Empress Review Legit or Scam

The bots can be used in messenger, FB lite and messenger lite. It can be used using free data or Wi-Fi.

The bots offer typing jobs but no qualification is required. No age limit and anyone can join. Sometimes, the promoters call the bot Word Empress Learn and Earn Bot.

Products and Services

Word Empress has no retailable products or services. Members are able to market the affiliate member itself.

Word Empress Bot Versions

Word Empress Bot has several versions. These are versions 1 (V1), 2 (V2), 3 (V3), 4 (V4), Web 100 and Web 150.

V1 offers captcha typing only. Rate is around Php0.03 per correct answer. Meanwhile, V2 adds two additional ways of earning namely: jumbled words and guess the color at the same rate with V1.

V3 gives general knowledge multiple choice questions at Php0.05 per correct answer. Answers to these general knowledge questions are posted in a Facebook group for easy reference.

In case you aren’t sure with your answer, just copy the questions from the bot and paste in Facebook. Within few seconds, you have search result popping up with correct answer highlighted with emoji.

In Web 150, you need to solve simple math problems at a rate of Php0.01-0.03.

Versions have a 10 seconds intervals for the next question/problem to be solved.

How to Join in Word Empress

Joining Word Empress and making money from bots require an activation fee of Php150. You need to register via a referral link. Once you account is activated you can now answer questions given by the bots.

How to Make Money

Word Empress bots offer typing jobs at a very low rate. There is no money in typing jobs.

Do the math.

Granting that you can answer 6 general knowledge questions in 1 minute. That means you can make Ph0.3 per minute (using the Php0.05 rate). In 1 hour you’ll get Php18 or Php144 in 8 hours.

Sounds good, right?

Not really. My estimate did not include allowance for slow internet connections. In fact, many of its members could not even make Php50 in 8 hours.

If you want to make money with Word Empress, you must promote it and get a profit from the payments of your recruits. It gives Ph40 as a direct referral, Ph20 for indirect, and Php10 for second-level indirect.

Is Word Empress Legit or Scam?

Word Empress is a scam. It has a characteristic of a pyramid scheme. It relies mainly on the entry of new members. You make more money recruiting other people to the scheme than doing the actual typing jobs.

The company uses bots as a front to entice prospects to invest in their scheme. However, there is no real money to be made out of these bots.

Promoters argued that recruiting is optional. However, if recruitment stops, Word Empress will definitely fall.


Because the company only makes money by recruiting new members to the scheme. Who would finance the profit made out of the typing jobs?

Remember. The bots are not selling anything. Clearly, profits from typing jobs are financed from investments of new members.

In a pyramid scheme, only the founder and the early promoters will benefit from the operations. Once new investments are drying up, the scheme will collapse while leaving the majority at the bottom of the pyramid to lose all their money.


Word Empress is a scam. It is a pyramid scheme. The person behind it uses bots as the front to hide its illegal activities from the authorities. Avoid it at all costs.

You won’t make enough money from the typing jobs. But you can earn a lot if you recruit more people to join the investment scheme.

The company is financed solely from the investments of new members. When recruitment stops, it will eventually disappear because it can no longer sustain its operation.

We recommend you report their activities to the DTI for appropriate actions.

What are your thoughts on Word Empress? Share them in the comment section below.

19 thoughts on “Word Empress Review: Cheap Ponzi Pyramid Bot”

  1. I barely get 1 peso for 1 hour continous solving damned math problems. I can’t even solve quickly because the site was slowed it takes half a minute before it completely loaded even my internet connection was very good. What a waste of money and time ayts.

  2. Good thing I bumped into this. Thanks for the review. If you want to earn money online from legit and free apps watch the youtube channel of Miss Jasel Devera.

  3. This is scam!

    They trick their members by having maintenance or server down and changing the way to earn points!
    Why? Because they avoid their members to reach minimum withdrawal and to payout.

    Not worth the time! There are many LEGIT PAYING APP / WEBSITE for FREE! You’ll just invest your time and cellphone and can pay you in dollars or euro.

    Hope that we can spread this to facebook to end this kind of scam!

      • Hi. You can search Current app, Premise, Streetbees and clipclaps they are real paying app. Just do tasks on each app and you can earn and withdraw it through paypal. You can search in youtube for tutorials. I already earned 20 USD and more to come from those app.

  4. This is scam! They dont take any feedback or opinion from the members. They keep on saying that it is legit and paying, yes it is legit because they recruiting new members.
    There trick is to have maintenance whenever they know that many of there members will use the website. Why? To avoid people to reach the minimum withdrawal and to payout.

    Okay lets say it is legit but until when!? Remember that they are just earning from refererals.

    Hope that we can spread this!

  5. What I’d give to read this review before I was scammed. Word Empress is a scam! If I could warn each and everyone who considers joining the Word Empress, I would. They are taking advantage of people’s desperation, and that’s just so evil of them especially in these trying times.

  6. What I’d give to read this before I was scammed. Word Empress is a scam. I cursed them to death. If I could warn each and every one who is thinking about joining Word Empress, I would. They are taking advantage of people’s desperation and that’s just sad and very saddening.

    • DTI registration can be done in less than 15 minutes online.

      A scam or legit company can register anytime. Remember, it just a “BUSINESS NAME” that is being registered.

      DTI won’t determine whether the business is legit or a scam before it proceeds with the registration.

  7. Question is your review legit? Is there any way to know about your background and where you from? Well you know we must know these things specially your full name. And you need to show your face just like the vloggers. I hope you understand some of us are seeking for the truth and realiability.


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