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Worst Crypto Bear Market Of All Time? | STACKS Podcast

STACKS is the best place to hear how crypto investors, traders, and analysts are navigating the market. Hosted by Luke Martin, this podcast covers the biggest questions & opportunities in crypto.

Dan Matuszewski is the Co-Founder of CMS Holdings, a crypto proprietary trading firm. Zaheer Ebtikar is a Portfolio Manager at Ledger Prime, a quantitative crypto trading firm. Both traders have serious experience surviving crypto cycles and we talk about all the topics that are causing investors to panic. When does it make sense to start buying, ETH vs SOL vs AVAX, Bitcoin narratives, macro, which coins will die, bubbles, cycle length, Ethereum merge, and is this time different?

(recorded on May 25th)

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0:00 Preview
1:15 Intro
5:45 Crypto price crash and bear markets
8:40 Is this time different?
10:50 What does the crypto bottom look like?
15:35 Bitfinex whale buyer
18:05 When does Bitcoin stop moving with stocks
22:20 Does Luna collapse hurt Solana & AVAX & ETH
25:30 Will Tron stablecoin collapse?
28:55 Ethereum merge
34:00 Previous cycles vs now
42:00 Does Bitcoin need a new narrative?
43:30 How bear markets end
53:40 Best crypto strategy for second half of 2022


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