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WORST Crypto Scams in 2022!! Insane Crypto scams!!

WORST Crypto Scams in 2022!! Insane Crypto scams!!

Scams involving cryptocurrencies easily accounted for the largest portion of that overall loss, while stolen cash, the majority of which were obtained from firms dealing in cryptocurrencies, was the second-leading source of loss. Welcome back to the channel, let’s talk all about the Crypto Scams, so without wasting any time let’s get into the video!

Because digital assets are becoming an increasingly important component of the global financial ecosystem – the volume of cryptocurrency transactions increased by 567 per cent in 2021 to $15.8 trillion – it is important to be aware of the myriad of deceptive practices that can lead to one being conned, fooled, or victimized on the blockchain.

there are some of the most prominent crypto-related cons to look out for in 2022:

The “Pig Butchering” Scam is a Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency fraud, known as “pump and dump.”

Cryptocurrency fraud via a “rug pull.”

Airdrop cryptocurrency fraud.

Phishing scheme using cryptocurrency.

A Crypto Scam Called “Pig Butchering
At least some of the most successful cryptocurrency cons currently operating have catchy names. The victims of this horrible swindle, on the other hand, face very significant consequences as a result.

This con typically begins on online dating sites, where the con artist uses an enticing profile picture to attract the “pig.” After successfully luring in the “pig,” the con artist then “fattens up” the proverbial swine over the course of a period of time through online messaging, during which the victim gradually becomes closer to and more trusting of the perpetrator.

The con artist will ultimately inform the victim about some enormous gains they’ve achieved in cryptocurrency markets and will try to get their mark to follow along in some investments with them. These investments will first pay out well on paper. Naturally, the money is gone as soon as it is delivered, and the con artist uses false websites to trick their victim into transferring ever-increasing amounts of money to the fake account so that they can keep getting more money. The withdrawals turn out to be impossible, and the “pig,” which has now reached the stage when it is ready to be slaughtered, is abandoned outside in the wind. It is believed that this particular con started in China, and it is noteworthy for having lasted for such a significant amount of time.

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