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WTF is SAM? A Hold-to-Earn SOLANA NFT Like No Other

Age of Sam NFT Game

Imagine holding an NFT and giving it a rocket booster. Imagine gamified staking that brings multiple NFT communities together and makes them stronger. Now think that you’re doing all of this without absurd gas fees.

Hello Solana.

Apologies, we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves.

AGE of SAM (AOS) is a one of a kind NFT project on the Solana blockchain. Yes, we know every project claims to be unique, so this article aims to explain why AOS truly lives up to that statement.

WTF is SAM? A Hold-to-Earn SOLANA NFT Like No Other 1

At this point, most of us in the NFT space know that the biggest distinction between Ethereum and Solana projects is gas fees. It’s also well known that many members of Solana communities like to think of themselves as the underdogs, battling for a sort of legitimacy in the face of the overwhelming dominance of Ethereum projects in the NFT space.

AGE of SAM captures this sentiment perfectly in their lore – “The Great Gas War”. This is done in a cool, us-vs-them sci-fi way. By immediately capturing this sense of SOLidarity (see what we did there?), AOS lays out a foundation for cross-project utility not seen anywhere else.

This SOLidarity goes much further. AOS NFTs are called SAM, and every SAM is an astronaut with a face representing one of 12 unique Solana NFT projects – these 12 projects are called ‘Factions’ in the AOS lore. The Factions benefit from cross-pollination and collaboration, and holders of their NFTs are encouraged to couple them with SAM NFTs when mining $SOLARIUM, the AGE of SAM token. Why? Because holding gives the staker of both projects a higher chance to mine more $SOLARIUM. It also immediately de-incentivizes paper hands from selling while bringing more value to every individual Faction project – brilliant!

Scientist Age of Sam

Crazy thing is that they’re also planning to introduce more Factions in the future – rumour has it that their spies have already infiltrated some ETH communities wink wink.

When someone holds any of the 12 Faction NFTs and a SAM NFT, they will earn up to 2X $SOLARIUM when staking their SAM – which is at least twice as much if you were ONLY staking an AOS NFT. This is done on weekly ‘Moon Missions’. Factions which earn the most $SOLARIUM will win prizes on top of whatever amount of $SOLARIUM they mined – everyone wins, but the most dedicated communities will win more than others.

Think of Factions as teams. Think of teams as competition. Think of competition as the basis of any game. And that’s just the Hold-to-Earn utility. Play-to-Earn is planned for the future with an actual video game studio involved. Woah.

Entertainment-as-Utility is a huge part of AGE of SAM, members of all Factions are always encouraged to join the AOS Discord to participate in various nightly contests like Poker and Trivia, as well as other surprise giveaways. There aren’t too many dull moments, which contrasts with other NFT projects where the ‘fun’ is usually nothing more than waiting and hoping, while those Discord communities sit idle for hours or days on end.

The SAM Discord team is as dedicated and engaging as we’ve ever seen – which of course gives confidence to their early membership. This, in turn, motivates their ‘core’ to hype up AOS – they’re part of the team, and they know it.

AOS is also establishing partnerships with other top Solana projects to bring additional rewards to the hold-to-earn experience and raise awareness about Decentralized Finance, Play-to-Earn Gaming, Music, and other applications of the blockchain.

With a large dedicated team heavily focused on community building and maintaining that community, SAM’s future looks very promising. With $50,000 in giveaways before mint, AGE of SAM is certainly living up to delivering on those promises.

One thing we’re a little confused about – too many acronyms!

Regardless, AOS is easily one of the most unique and ambitious projects we’ve seen – you don’t want to miss out, and you’re all still early.

1 SOL for whitelist, 2 SOL for public mint. Mid-December launch date.