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XRP vs Telcoin | If you hold XRP or Telcoin comment which is better!

Just like the title says, in my opinions that XRP – Ripple has a much better chance to succeed and dominate the remittance market vs Telcoin!
That isn’t to say Telcoin won’t see some form of growth. (think Amazon vs Walmart – both would have brought you profits but one really stood out over the rest. That is how XRP will be)

We compare XRP – Partners to Telcoin’s.
We compare the wallet break down of XRP to Telcoin’s
We compare On Demand Liquidity of XRP to Telcoin’s

There is some interesting findings about Telcoins and how much of the Telcoin market 5 wallets own. (it’s a lot!!! come find out more!)

Will it be Ripple’s #XRP, Stellar Lumen’s #XLM, Facebook’s #LIBRA, or #CELO that takes the dominance in Central Banking Digital Currencies? I think XRP will take it!


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