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Yeheeybizfriends Review 2018: Legit or a Big Scam?

Is YeheeyBizFriends legit or scam? Find out in this review.

The previous versions of Yeheey are scams and no longer exist. Moreover, Yeheey iTraffic System’s reputation is now tainted after the SEC scam warning.

However, Baron and his best friends need to have a new money-making activity. So, Lo and behold, Yeheeybizfriends Online Business Unlimited is born.

Yeheeybizfriends CEO Joed Baron

Joed Baron, who failed to pay its members in Yeheey.Biz, build a new platform. This new version of Yeheey now features visible products and a brand-new website.

It seems Baron and his friends have learned from the SEC warning because they now have few items to sell. With products on board, you might think that Yeheeybizfriends is real.

But, wait a minute. Before you send your hard-earned money to Mr. Baron, read this review first.

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What is Yeheeybizfriends

Yeheeybizfriends is the latest offering of the scammers of Joed Baron led the group and incorporated a new entity called Yeheeybizfriends Online Business Unlimited.

According to its promoters, the company provides online business opportunities. These opportunities include food cart franchising, and direct selling or Multi-level Marketing (MLM).

Scam Alert: Droidjo

Also, they claim that Yeheeybizfriends offers bills payment, e-loading and travel and tour business. The company’s address is at 4th Floor, Victoria One Building, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.

How to Register

Yeheeybizfriends’ registration is simple. Joining is free, but you need an activation code to earn money.

You can join for free at this link. Upon joining, your dashboard will look like below.


If you examine carefully the dashboard, you will find that it is like Unity Wealth and Paysbook. It looks like scammers have the same source of the script. What do you think?

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Products and Services

Unlike Paysbook and Unity Wealth, Yeheeybizfriends has identifiable products to sell. Its flagship product is a Purple Corn Gold Juice costing Php1,000. A box of purple corn is equivalent to one account.

According to our source, the Purple Corn Gold Juice is not FDA approved. So, there is a risk that this product will be pulled out of the market if the FDA will not certify it.

Additionally, the company sells a coffee, whitening soap, feminine soap, whitening lotion, and perfume.

Also, you can be a barangay or municipal distributor of Yeheeybizfriends. To be a barangay distributor, you must pay Php50,000. The package includes 35,000 codes with products and 15,000 loose items.

If you want to be a municipal distributor, you need to pay Php250,000. This bundle contains 175,000 codes with products and 15,000 loose merchandise.

We have seen a social media post selling food cart franchise under Yeheeybizfriends. These were sold in two packages and priced at Php70,000 and Php100,000.

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Marketing Strategy

Like MLM scams and pyramid schemes we have reviewed, Yeheeybizfriends sells the dream of becoming rich. The company’s primary strategy is enticing you that their company can make you rich and earn much money.

James Sabenecio
Photo from Facebook

They are using social media to show shiny objects to lure you. They tell you that by being a member of the company, you can also achieve those things. The company promotes easy money in a short period.

How to Earn in Yeheeybizfriends

There are several ways you can earn money in Yeheeybizfriends. You can make money if you sell their products, recruit others and click ads (tiles mining).

Scam Alert: AIM Global

Referral Income

You get Php500 for every referral who buys an activation code worth Php1,000. You will have Php500 as pairing income if someone joins on your left and right-side team. This compensation plan is a binary system, which is very common in MLM.

Tiles Mining (Ad Clicking)

If you join their tiles mining or ad clicking, you will get an equivalent gold point. All you must do is click the adds or tiles on their website.

They have implemented a strict one device per account policy on ad clicking. This rule is made to ensure that advertisers and advertising networks will not detect the fake or paid clicks.

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Direct Selling and Distributorship

If you think Yeheeybizfriends products are saleable, then you can start selling. You will get a commission of 30%-50%.

Moreover, if you have Php50,000 or Php250,000, you can be a code and product retailer and make money. However, that is only possible if there is a strong demand for their merchandise.

Is Yeheeybizfriends Legit or Scam?

Yeheeybizfriends is a scam. We believe the showcase of a product is a mask to cover its illegal activities from the authorities.

What people are buying from Yeheeybizfriends is the opportunity to make money. The value of its products is very minimal.

Is there a compelling reason to buy their products? There is none.

Scam Alert: Droidjo

You can buy similar Yeheeybizfriends items at a minimal price in the market.  Also, its flagship product is not even FDA registered.

Tiles Mining or Ad Clicking is more than a scam. It is a fraud. Encouraging and paying people to click for ads violate the terms and conditions of most advertising networks.

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Advertisers are made to believe that fake clicks are real interest in their products or services. However, it is not.

Encouraging people to click on ads is against Google AdSense  Policy. Watch the video below.

Yeheeybizfriends are defrauding its advertisers. One day, advertisers will know this unacceptable practice and pull out their ads.

If you still doubt that ad clicking is a scam, check the SEC advisory on Paid-to-Click Programs. Paid-to-Click programs are Ponzi schemes. and Yeheeybizfriends are of one these scams.

Ultimately, we believe the company is selling an unregistered investment. Allowing multiple accounts is evidence that the company is selling not the usual juice, soap, or whatever products.

Possible Violations of Laws, Rules, and Regulations

The Yeheeybizfriends flagship product is advertised as a magical juice that prevents various diseases. This misleading claim violates Article 112 of the Consumer Act of the Philippines (R.A 7394).

Article 112 of R.A 7394

Also, its binary system that pays members based on the number recruits is an example of a pyramid scheme. Article 4(k) of the Consumer Act defines a Pyramid scheme;

Section 4(k) of R.A. 7394

Article 53 of the same law prohibits pyramiding.

Moreover, we have seen a possible violation of the Securities Regulations Code of the Philippines. For instance, allowing, multiple accounts may be classified as an investment contract.

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For a detailed explanation of an investment contract and filing of complaints, read the PlanProMatrix and Unity Wealth reviews.

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Yeheeybizfriends Review Conclusion

We believe Yeheeybizfriends is a scam. Thus, we advised you to stay away from it.

It is just an upgraded version of Yeheey Biz. The previous Yeheey could not pay its members. So, Mr. Baron and his army of friends decided to build another one.

The company has products to sell. However, it cannot deny that it pays the members based on the entry of recruits.

Furthermore, paying someone to click for ads is a violation of advertiser’s terms and condition. So, do not expect that tiles mining will last.

Also, it sells multiple accounts. Selling numerous heads can be considered as an unregistered investment according to the SEC.

Likewise, its flagship is not FDA registered. So, people who will consume that item might be at risk.

Furthermore, the company may have violated specific laws and regulations, such as the Consumer Act and Securities Regulations Code.

Share this review for public awareness. We suggest that you report this company to government authorities.

Send us a message via the contact us page if you have a story to tell. Thank you for reading!

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